Federal Template

FCI Aliceville
11070 Highway 14
Aliceville, AL 35442

Federal Bureau of Prisons
FCI Alicevile Inmate Calls

Only $1.65 A Call

Save $1.50 On Federal Prison Calls Now!

Currently, VAC owns and operates the phones at FCI Alicevile, Alabama and provides prison call services at all Federal Correctional Facilities and Penitentiaries run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The current cost of a long distance 15 minute Federal prison call using VAC is $3.15

Federal Prison Call Rate Comparison

  • 15 Minute Federal Call Using VAC……………..$3.15
  • 15 Minute Call Using VAC $ Pacific……………$1.65

Stop Missing Prison Calls Using

  Federal Inmate Call Blast Service!

With Arizona Prison Call Blast, we can send inmates phone calls from prison to 3 different telephone numbers (home, office, cell) at the same time.

Save Up To $2.50 Per Call

By using Pacific Telephone Company’s Arizona Prison Call routing service along with Securus, you can legally lower the rates of Arizona Prison Calls to $2.50 for both In-State-Calls and Out-of-State-Calls from Florence Correctional Complex with a substantial savings up to $2.50 per 15 minute call over the current Securus rates. Contact Pacific Telephone correctional services today at 602.761.9900, and learn how to start saving on prison calls from Florence Correctional Complex.